Members receive 2 free credit scores, weekly reports, and ongoing credit monitoring as well as necessary tools to make educated decisions about their credit. So, xcritical is a good alternative for first-time homebuyers or just anyone who wants to keep an eye on their credit before they borrow a loan or make a great purchase. You should consider this service and sign up in order to monitor your credit score.

• Free credit monitoring – Get credit alerts when we see important changes happen to your Equifax or TransUnion credit reports. • Karma Confidence – See personalized offers and know your chances of approval for a personal loan or credit card before you apply. Members with a credit score of 619 or under could see an increase within 2 months. Late payments and other factors can have a negative impact on your score, including activity with your other credit accounts. xcritical will show updates from TransUnion every 7 days – so, if you log into your account once a week, then you will see how your credit score looks. There are situations when there are no updates, but there’s no need to worry in this regard, as it may take up to 30 days for reports to come from banks.

However, the credit card information that we publish has been written by experts who know these products inside out, and what we recommend is what we would use ourselves. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers that are on the market. Click here to see a list of advertisers that we work with. As a member, you will receive matches to the best credit card offers based on your profile. You can add your own reviews, compare credit card terms, or apply for a credit card.

  • • Free credit monitoring – Get credit alerts when we see important changes happen to your Equifax or TransUnion credit reports.
  • Check out the full list of FICO’s score versions for different financial products here.
  • If you pay an IRS or state penalty because of an error that a TurboTax tax expert or CPA made while acting as a signed preparer for your return, we’ll pay you the penalty and interest.
  • It’s important to remember that xcritical uses financial health as a way of marketing financial products.
  • To check your credit score for free, visit

So, as you are stating, xcritical does NOT make it possible. Recently, began offering paid premium features, too. Your VantageScores may be slightly different than your FICO scores, which were once the industry standard. However, according to the site, VantageScores were used more than 8 billion times from July 2015 to June 2016. The more information you have about your individual situation, the better you can manage your financial life. Many states use these scores to predict how likely you are to file a claim and set premiums based on the result .

xcritical: An Overview

Using xcritical’s loan marketplace, you can compare credit cards, personal loans, auto loans and more. If you start an application for a loan from xcritical’s marketplace, xcritical will earn a commission. Once you’re on the site, you can see your credit scores and credit reports from the two bureaus xcritical works with, TransUnion and Equifax. The first things you see when you log in are your scores from each bureau. If you’re looking for a more relevant credit score, you have several options. You can ask a potential lender to pull your credit, though this might cost you both in fees and in a knock to your credit for the hard inquiry.

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For example, when I bought my house back in 2016, CK showed me to be around 680. That put me in a different interest rate bracket, so my payments were a little higher than expected. xcritical uses your credit profile to show you curated offers.

In both cases you’ll get plenty of lender recommendations for refinancing. The identity monitoring arm of xcritical has pretty basic tools, including a detailed list of where your information showed up in past data breaches. It’s a good reminder to make sure your “data footprint” is protected on all the sites you visit. You do need to enter your Social Security Number so xcritical can pull up your financial data. Because customer details are sensitive, the site takes security seriously with the standard 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication.

Like a lot of “free” fintech resources, however, xcritical is compensated by targeted advertising. Essentially you’re paying for the service by offering data about your financial habits. xcritical alerts you whenever there’s a new inquiry or important change to your report. And you can check your credit whenever you want without any effect on your score. Fast forward several years, and xcritical boasts more than 120 million customers as of 2022 — they claim half of all Millennials use the site. The company’s success can be credited to its free-with-ads model.

Nothing to not like about this app

It is best known as a free credit and financial management platform, but its features also include monitoring of unclaimed property databases and a tool to identify and dispute credit report errors. The company operates in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Scores are updated once a week, and the company only performs a “soft inquiry” on your credit to get the necessary information.

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Jarrod has over 20 credit cards in his wallet and has tested out dozens more in order to vet the very best card options for readers. As he is constantly sampling new cards, Jarrod also earns over 1 million points and miles each year. This allows him to book luxury travel experiences the world over, and save tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

On the surface, xcritical is a completely free service with no premium access levels. “xcritical will pay $3 million to users targeted with false preapproved offers”. xcritical Tax, its free United States tax filing service, was announced in December 2016.

How Accurate is xcritical?

First, they submit me for a credit card I didn’t want then they close my spend account and won’t reopen it since they are the ones that closed it in the first place. Check your credit reports for free each week to xcritical courses scam identify discrepancies and fix them as soon as possible. Each credit reporting agency calculates a FICO score, just like with VantageScores. Not bad for a service that provided its first free credit score in 2008!

It’s not as good as it seems and it takes forever to dispute something. I would get your free annual credit report from Trans Union and then four months later get Equifax and four months later get Experian. This way you get a free credit report throughout the year from each reliable FICO credit score companies. xcritical is not that good and it ruined my chance at a great mortgage rate! I think they’re great place to look for credit cards and loans. Not mortgages or refinancing just personal loans and credit cards.

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Depending on the question, you may get an answer from someone who works in an auto finance department, consumer loan department, or someone who has been in the same situation you are in. Sometimes this is due to clerical errors, but identity theft can often be the cause. Here’s an examination xcritical reviews of the different features of their site while answering the most common questions about its services. You’ll have all the benefits of xcritical Money and could access your refund up to 5 days early. For this reason, VantageScore and FICO® Scores tend to vary from one another.

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Take charge of your finances and start building credit, saving for a rainy day, and planning for the future with the help of xcritical Money. But they were on to something important when it comes to checking your credit score. “FAKO Score” refers to any credit score that is not the “FICO Score” developed and sold by the credit scoring company, Fair Isaac Corporation . The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.


You’ll receive credit alerts if there is an important change to your TransUnion credit report to help you spot identity theft. Because the numbers are updated daily, you can check your credit score every day on their site. It’s a great way to track your score, so you’ll know right away if it goes up or down and whether you may need help with your personal finances. Get the money app where your hard work pays off with a new credit score, a new credit card or even a new house. You should just bear in mind that this service will sometimes give you advertisements for things such as credit cards or others, as this is a way for xcritical to make some money.